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Find out how to take advantage of your hardware and software to help you go through the life
Gmail messages step

Gmail 3 steps Hack to Schedule the SMS sending

Last April, one of Google's biggest services, Gmail, released an update which allows the user to schedule the delivery of messages. But recently, as reported by Forbes,...
Spotify logo in white text

Don’t Waste Timer Feature on Spotify!

Spotify, a music streaming service with more than 200 million users, has made a number of updates on their platform. After added the Car View Mode feature...
an illustration of privacy protection with ipad mini on the left side

About Your Privacy, Here Are the Tips

Your phone is now like your home, so much privacy and valuable items in it. So that if your phone's security is problematic, then your privacy security...

Try This Method to Fast Remove Your FB Account

How long have you been using social media platform Facebook? Maybe some people are no longer using Facebook and are now turning to other social media platforms,...
Battery life

Got Battery Drain Issue on Your Android? Fix It, Here Are the Tips

With current technological advances, we can carry out a series of different activities, from taking photos, listening to music, playing games to calling with only one device...