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Find out how to take advantage of your hardware and software to help you go through the life
Delete Gmail

How To Delete Gmail and Google Account Forever

Hi mates! Do you ever create a Gmail account too many and want to make some of it disappear? Chillax, you can delete a Google Gmail account...
Screenshot on Windows or Mac

Here is How To Take a Screenshot on Windows or Mac

Screenshot or Screen Capture is an image produced by taking pictures displayed by our laptop or pc screen. Many things require us to take screenshots such as...
Instagram PC

Guide on How to Use Instagram on Windows and Macbook

Good news for you who seeks Instagram for PC, because now it is coming for Windows 10 and Mac. And now, I will show you how to...
Remove Facebook Account

Here Is How to Remove Facebook Account on Mobile or Desktop

If you ask me, do I know how to remove Facebook account in Mobile or Desktop? The answer is, yes. Whatever your reason is for removing your...
Instagram Dark Mode

How To Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android and IOS

Hi, mates! Instagram has officially released the Dark Mode feature for Android and iOS in October 8, 2019. That feature is maybe the most requested feature over...