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Saturday, December 7, 2019
Adobe Fresco is Available on Windows

Finally Adobe Fresco is Available on Windows

After releasing Fresco for the iPad, Adobe finally released the drawing application for Windows. Just like on the iPad, Adobe Fresco will be present for Microsoft Surface...
Digital Wellbeing Experiment

5 Google Apps to Improve Digital Wellbeing for Smartphone User

Hi mates! Are you planning to reduce smartphone usage? and improve your daily life? Do not worry, just try Digital Wellbeing experiment from Google to help you...
Dark Side of Dark Mode

You Must Know Dark Side of Dark Mode Feature, OMG!

The Dark Mode feature is pretty popular right now. You can find it on the UI of your apps, or maybe in your smartphone themes. Some...
Instagram PC

Guide on How to Use Instagram on Windows and Macbook

Good news for you who seeks Instagram for PC, because now it is coming for Windows 10 and Mac. And now, I will show you how to...
dark mode

3 Major Applications Which Will Release in Dark Mode

Dark Mode feature is very popular now at this moment. Formerly I don’t know what is the function of that feature, yet after I like using a...