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Saturday, January 16, 2021
Twitter Remove Inactive Accounts

Twitter Remove Inactive Accounts in December, Really?

Hi mates! If you ever created an account on Twitter but didn't use it, now is the right time to get started. Because if not, the username...
Half Life: Alyx

The Long Awaited Half Life: Alyx Released Trailer

Valve finally releases a new series Half-Life. This latest Half-Life game officially bears the name Half-Life: Alyx and is designed as a VR game that is expected...
YouTube New Homepage

YouTube New Homepage Sucks, Bring The Old One

Hi mates! Do you like browsing on YouTube? Well, if you are the YouTube old users, you might know the difference between YouTube new homepage and the...
Google Blocks Xiaomi Application

Google Blocks Xiaomi Application Called Xiaomi Quick Apps

Hi mates! If you are a Xiaomi user, then you may know about Xiaomi Quick Apps. The default Xiaomi Quick Apps is reported to have been blocked...
Uninstall WhatsApp

Telegram Founder Suggests to Uninstall WhatsApp

Do you have WhatsApp on your gadget, mates? If so, you have to know about the news. What’s happened? Well, Telegram founder Pavel Durov suggested that users...