Both Ms Office and LibreOffice are already known to the public as the best office devices. Then, which is better between the two? The following is their comparisons in several aspects, as reported by TechRadar.

In terms of price, LibreOffice is free to use though it can also be used for commercial purposes. That’s because LibreOffice is an open source device so you can even edit the code.


Whereas Ms Office requires you to buy a license. You can buy it once, but of course by subscribing it can provide the best offer. Ms Office 365 is free for use by students and educators, with their business scheme. For cheap copies, as reported by TechRadar, it can be found commercially but certainly, it violates the license agreement.

In terms of the programs offered, LibreOffice has Writer (word processing) programs, Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Base (databases), Math (editing formulas) and Draw (vector graphics). Ms Office also has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive (with 1TB storage) and Outlook programs. Even on the PC version, Ms Office users can enjoy the Publisher and Access programs, in contrast to Mac users.


Reported by Techradar, LibreOffice offers the best compatibility because it can import all types of data extensions including docx, pptx, xlsx and a number of non-Microsoft file formats. However, the display in LibreOffice will not be exactly the same as the one at Microsoft because of differences in fonts and the way the data is interpreted. In general, it is not so problematic, but for some people, it is better to still use the office suite they usually use.

In terms of collaboration, Ms Office 365 users can share files with OneDrive and collaborate through in real time with Docs, Spreadsheets and Slides. The problem is, there are no similar features in LibreOffice.


For cloud services, LibreOffice is easier to store on Dropbox by storing it in a special folder to easily synchronize files to the cloud.  Whereas Ms Office is much easier with OneDrive because all data will be stored by default there, but space limitations are also a problem because the free version only gives a few space storage.

In terms of the platform it serves, Microsoft Office 365 is available for Windows and Mac, and also for mobile iOS and Android (the latter of which will also work with ChromeOS!).  LibreOffice is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and has a portable and removable version. It’s just that LibreOffice doesn’t have a mobile version, maybe it’s just LibreOffice Viewer on Android.


Have you set your office suit preferences?  Which one does comfortable you the most?


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