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As a popular instant messaging application that is widely used by mobile users, WhatsApp routinely develops various updates that always attract users to try out their features.

One of their new features is called “Status”.  This feature allows users to display photos, short videos, and GIFs as their status. Similar to the Stories feature on a number of social media platforms these days.

The system of stories on WhatsApp is also the same as other system stories, it will disappear by itself within 24 hours. To save the status of their WhatsApp contacts so as not to disappear, users usually take advantage of the “screenshot” feature that is already on their respective phones.

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In addition, third-party applications, such as “Status Saver” are also commonly used for screen capture purposes. Screen capture is now a very useful feature, especially in the current era of social media.

Did you know, there are actually other ways to save WhatsApp statuses without taking screenshots or using other applications! Reported by Kompas, this is the steps so that you can maximize all the features that are already on your phone without the need for additional applications.

Source: https://www.businessinsider.sg/

 1. First, open the file manager application on your mobile. The name may vary on some phone brands. Although the application is different, the way to save this WhatsApp status does look similar between a file manager application and other similar applications.

2. After that, go directly to the file manager application settings menu. Users can access the settings menu by clicking on the “three dots” icon at the top right of the application then select the “Settings” menu.

Source: https://www.kompas.com/

3. On the settings page, activate the “Show hidden files” option. So, the “My Files” application will be able to display several hidden folders and files on this internal storage media.

4. After activating the “Show hidden files” option, return to the initial appearance of the file manager application. Here, select the “Internal Storage” menu in the “Phone” column.

5. Then, after clicking “Internal Storage”, you will immediately see a list of folders and files on the internal storage media. Scroll the screen to the bottom and select the “WhatsApp” folder.

Source: https://www.kompas.com/

6. In the “WhatsApp” folder, select a folder called “Media” then select the “.Statuses’ folder. In this folder, the user will find the source image or video from the statuses on the WhatsApp app! So, indeed everything we access, surely it will be stored in our phone storage file in the form of cache, of course, we can access it whenever we want.

And so, of course, to bring up WhatsApp status (video or photo) in this folder, you have to see the status via WhatsApp application first. In other words, WhatsApp statuses that have not been seen will not appear in this folder.

After that, you can just save the status by copying or moving the file to another folder that you can easily access. Done! Easy, right?  Which is easier by using third-party applications or capture screens?


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