In this era of rapid technological developments, a variety of crime ways are also often carried out and developed by fraudsters to take advantage of society, which is the majority of internet users.

Surprisingly, one of their newest ways is to use the Google Calendar app! An application that you feel safe and barely touch with an internet connection surprisingly able to threaten your privacy.


But how? Reported by detikINET, the hackers will automatically add an invitation to the schedule of the Google Calendar, even though the user has not given a response to the invitation, strangely the invitation will later still provide a reminder notification to the user.

After that, they use this notification feature to get users’ personal information to user banking financial information, either from credit card numbers, bank accounts or other important personal data, which of course is very likely to be used to siphon money from the user’s bank account.


What are the contents of the notification listed on the “agenda”? The agenda contains a kind of writing such as user has won a prize or else and must report the ID number to be able to bring home the prize. On the agenda is also written a link that allegedly contains a form to send the user’s personal information. Finally, the unaware user will fall to this trap. 

Therefore, make sure you always look at any information that comes to your phone. Now you have to be careful and don’t just press the strange link. 


The worse is, not only that! Criminals can also make this notification appear several times until this link is finally clicked on by the user!  Terrible, right? Ironically, because this notification comes from an application made by Google, it will be read by the system as part of a trusted app thus many users will be fooled by its authenticity. Urgh, it sucks.

Of course, that does not mean we cannot avoid the danger. Well, there are ways to protect your personal information so you wouldn’t be the victim, especially regarding financial information.


Reported by detikINET, you can open Google Calendar from the browser on the desktop. Then click the right side of the top screen that has a gear icon, then select settings, then select Event settings.

Later, under the option “Automatically add invitations,” change the setting to “No, just show the invitation I have replied to.” Then, please scroll down the section and check “show rejected events”.

Hopefully, this method will prevent the fake invitation mode from appearing on your phone, even though you have rejected it. Stay alert!


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