Are you an Instagram addict? Instagram indeed is currently one of the favorite applications for sharing photos and videos. Also, there is a lot of useful knowledge too.

But every time when opening this application, the internet quota is slowly dying. It seems like a common knowledge that Instagrams are wasteful of your internet data, the more often Instagram is used, the more data that is used to load photos or videos.


Luckily, Instagram understands the situation and has released a new feature that can help users save data on their latest updates. Hurray!

So this feature has only been reportedly available for Android smartphones and is specifically intended to target developing countries that have limited internet access, for example, Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia is one of the countries with the most Instagram users.


Save data mode on Instagram can be activated via the “Settings” menu, then select “account” and select “Cellular Data Settings”. ¬†Of course, you can directly select the “Data Saver” option by sliding the button to the right and turning blue.

Reported by Kompas, users can choose one of three available options to adjust the resolution on their Instagram feed. So don’t waste your data to see content that you don’t like with high resolution! Too bad, right?


Instagram gives you the option to select the “Never” option, if you don’t want Instagram to display high-resolution images or videos, select the “WiFi Only” option, if you only rely on WiFi to load high-resolution photos or videos.

Then for the last option is “Cellular and WiFi” which allows users who want to load high-resolution images or videos using mobile data and WiFi data. That means if you choose the last option, the photos and videos that are loaded will always be in high resolution.

Indonesian users have got this saving mode and can already be used starting June 5, 2019. Instagram says this mode will slide globally gradually. Yeay, now enjoy your time surfing on Instagram with no worried that data will quickly run out!


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