The rise of smartphone lost cases is certainly very disturbing and forces us to be more vigilant with the surroundings. Yes, it’s good that we prepare optimally to overcome things that are not desirable in the future.

Regarding the loss of smartphones, of course, this is currently considered as something fatal, because almost all valuable data is in it.  Therefore, we need to prepare everything as long as we still hold our smartphone.


Surely you know the Google Find My Device application. This application is recommended by many smartphone users, who can help track your Android smartphone remotely, can even play sound, unlock and delete data!

Then how do you use this feature so that we can optimize our alert actions?

Source: androidcentral

For disclaimer, this technique is not always successful. But it’s worth trying, right? In addition, the smartphone must be ensured to remain in the range of signals and data and the location must still be turned on so that it can be tracked.

First, you can visit this page then log in with the Google account email and password listed on the device. At the top left is a list of devices that you entered with the Google account.


Below it is the option to call if you need it. Most of the page views of this site is a map with pins pinned to the estimated location is the location of your smartphone. What if it is not tracked or is there no pin image on the map?

You can try again by clicking the round arrow icon with the smartphone image, which will tell the tracker app to reload and repeat the search.


Then what if it is tracked? How to look for it?  You can use the Play Sound feature which will make your device play shrill sounds for up to 5 minutes. So if someone is near your smartphone, the voice will tell them about your smartphone.

There is also a Safe Device feature. This feature can lock your smartphone and exit your Google Account. You can also leave a message to someone who found a smartphone, including submitting a telephone number to a friend or relative so that the rescuer can contact you.


Another feature that can be said to be the final way is to Remove Device. It is said to be final because it could be the possibility of you finding your smartphone is very small, or at least you think so. If it is right, use the Remove Device feature to delete all your data from your device, including logging out of your Google account.

This method can also be used on tablets and other Android devices. Be careful wherever you are!


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