Curious About Newest iOS 13? Try The Beta This June


After being officially introduced on Apple WWDC 2019, iOS 13 became a hot topic because of the innovations it brought, such as the cool dark mode, the Maps that are more detailed and rich, as well as the Photo application with more AI-based features. You will also be curious to try this latest operating system immediately.

For information, iOS 13 will only run on Apple devices limited to iPhone and iPod only, and not all versions. Then what about the iPad?  Interesting. This device will be given a new operating system called iPadOS, as presented on WWDC.


As usual, reported by CNET, Apple again offered cooperation to users to try out the beta version of this new product before it was released officially in the public. This beta version of iOS 13 for the public will open in July 2019. Are you ready to try this updated iOS and feel the sensation yourself?

But first, you need to understand that when trying this iOS beta version, you certainly need to reserve more space on your device.  Besides that, of course, you have to be prepared with everything that will happen, including the possibility of being unsuccessful during the installation process, even though every year the iOS Beta releases are usually more stable.


But the Apple official website itself has given a warning in advance on this matter and suggests waiting for various bug fixes and improvements.

Besides that, after trying the beta version, maybe you will find difficulties when you want to return to your official OS. Including your data, so it’s important to consider backing up data. You can use the encrypted backup feature on iTunes.

Then if you still want to try it, you can give feedback about your experience in the Feedback feature. Most importantly, note that not all devices support this beta version. Here is the following list:


1. iPhone XS
2. 12.9-inch iPad Pro
3. iPhone XS Max
4. 11-inch iPad Pro
5. iPhone XR
6. 10.5-inch iPad Pro
7. iPhone X
8. 9.7-inch iPad Pro
9. iPhone 8
10. iPad (6th generation)
11. iPhone 8 Plus
12. iPad (5th generation)
13. iPhone 7
14. iPad Mini (5th generation)
15. iPhone 7 Plus
16. iPad Mini 4
17. iPhone 6S
18. iPad Air (3rd generation)
19. iPhone 6S Plus
20. iPad Air 2
21. iPhone SE
22. iPod Touch (7th generation)

Actually, now you can start trying it, but only for developer accounts and also paying for $ 99 per year. Moreover, the installation process must be done manually by macOS Catalina and XCode 11 beta. As for the public version, you must register your device first to install over the air or the latest OTA. Get ready!


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