It seems that the theme with dark mode will be applied to all Google applications. Now a dark theme has been launched into Google Calendar.

The dark mode for Google Calendar on Android does indeed look quite simple, with the ones originally white for the main agenda (Schedule, Days, 3 Days, Sundays, Months) to be dark gray. Other colors in this application also turn dark, as the name implies.


How to activate dark mode in Calendar? This is to go to: Settings> General> Themes. This update was launched on Thursday, May 16. Don’t worry, this feature is supported on Android Nougat and other newer versions.

While users of Android Q can set their OS directly to Dark mode, which means Calendar and all other applications will automatically become Dark mode by default when set


If the user does not set the OS to Dark mode, they can activate Dark mode in their own Calendar settings.

Not only Google Calendar, but Google also confirmed the dark theme for Google Keep. The background of the application turns gray, while the themed notes are also darker in colour.


The dark mode on Keep can be activated by goes to: Settings > Enable Dark Mode. The same way applies to applications that are on Android Q. But in the meantime, the theme is available manually on Lollipop and newer devices.

According to Google reported from 9to5google, this dark mode creates a better viewing experience in low light conditions by reducing brightness.
How is your opinion about this new dark mode? Quite refreshing, right?


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