In this era of increasingly sophisticated technology, almost every aspect of life has been digitized. This causes a person must have an identity in the digital world to be able to interact with these technologies, that’s called accounts.


The number of digital products that are used, the more self-identity that we must make in each product. Then to create an account as that identity, we need a password so that our account is not claimed by others. Therefore, passwords must be maintained.

To avoid these claims, which can result in data piracy, the password that installed must be strong and not easily broken by others.


Platform providers indeed often remind users to always put the strongest password. However, not all users are aware of it and often still use pra predictable password. As a result, various cases of piracy and data breaches often occur.


Then how do we determine which password we have installed are strong enough? There are a number of tools that can be used to check this.


Pwned Password is a tool that can detect the strength of keywords by comparing them with their database, which is a list of password that have been leaked by hackers.

There are also tools called How Secure is My Password and Password Meter is a tool that can measure the strength of password that arises on a scale basis. If the scale shown is low, we can change the keyword until it is valued enough by this tool.


In addition to tools, there are applications that can help create secure passwords, for example 1Password. This application can create a password and remember it so you don’t need to worry to forget your password.

Not only that, 1Password will detect how secure our password is. Another feature is to let you know if the password has been hacked. Other applications that you can try are KeePass and LastPass.

Keep in mind, don’t enter keywords that are being used, ok? Because those tool arises to save inputs from the user and risk the security of your account.


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