Hi mates! How is your day lately? Is it great or just boring because you need to stay at home right now? No worries, I will share with you 10 great mobile games to play while staying at home! What’s on the list? Well, without any further ado, check it out below!

1. Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is able to present a competitive playing experience with game systems such as Dota2 and League of Legends that aim to destroy the last tower / turret of the opposing team. This MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre game was successfully downloaded by more than 100 million players.

2. Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is not much different from PUBG and Free Fire which prioritizes survival. Only a few iconic characters slightly distinguish COD from other games. In addition, there are also different methods applied by game developers who started from the PC in 2003.

3. Worm Zone

Worm Zone is one of Steve Howse’s games, after having had success with Slither. Here you are challenged to compete with ‘worms’ throughout the world. The game is very famous among the gamers because of the easy gameplay!

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4. PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or better known as PUBG, has a battle royale game mechanism similar to free fire. This game was first popular on PC, then Tencent developer was able to bring PUBG Mobile into a battle royale game that was downloaded by more than 100 million users.

5. Garena Free Fire

This game offers a survival experience that is filled with 49 opposing people equipped with various weapons and vehicle features that can be obtained throughout the game. It’s like CODM and PUBG Mobile, but it has its own charm!

6. Black Desert Mobile

This game genre is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) which offers players adventure, complete quests, 3D graphics, job class systems, and other features. It is adapted from the PC’s version.

7. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans or better known as COC is the most popular strategy game in the world. This game has even downloaded more than 500 million users. You have to try it right now!

8. Lineage 2 Revolution

This game made by Netmarble offers a fairly instinctive battle system. Players can fight with other players called the PvP (Player versus Player) system both individually and in groups. Also this game has been supported by Unreal Engine 4 graphics.

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9. Cyber ​​Hunter

Cyber ​​Hunter comes with a more modern world background. You will be unloaded in a map covering an area of ​​6 x 6 km. Gameplay mechanisms such as building a building are also embedded in the game. The difference, in this game there are vehicles, both on land or sea.

10. Roblox

Although the game seems to have a children’s title, Roblox is a free game that is projected to please all people of all ages. You can create and share your own games or play one of the thousands of games that already exist.

Mobile Games to Play While Staying at Home
Source: roblox.fandom

Well, that’s all about 10 great mobile games to play while staying at home. What’s your best pick? Tell me in the comment section, okay mates. Then, be safe and be healthy!

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