Hi mates! Do you know that Apple prepares a high-class headphone in 2020? Yeah! The company planned to release it in 2020 and the rumor said that it is for high-class people. Are you curious already? Then, without any further ado, check the complete news below.

After successfully starting the trend of true wireless stereo TWS earphones through AirPods products since 2016, this time Apple is rumored to be preparing wireless headphones at fantastic prices.

This rumor originally came from the store system from the United States, Target. In the Target department store, it turns out there is a kind of list that contains information about this Apple headphone. 

Apple Prepares a High-Class Headphone in 2020
Source: cultofmac

Because of this rumor, Apple was immediately believed to be secretly manufacturing a new headphone device. Not only that, the leak also mentions the name of this product as Apple Airpods (X Generation) with a price of 3999.99 USD.

Citing several sources, with the relatively high price, Apple Airpods X Generation is believed to carry the concept of over-ear headphones rather than in-ears, aka headphones with large stereo pads, covering the user’s ears.

Although the rumors seem careless, Pocket-lint portal proclaimed that over-ear headphones from Apple had long been a rumor. Moreover, the collaboration between Apple and the well-known Beats headphone company founded by rap singer Dr. Dre.

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It is known that since the Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones released by Beats in 2019, Apple jumped directly in the process of developing the technology and design of Beats products.

Although this rumor cannot be trusted 100%, a technology analyst Jon Prosser responded to this via his Twitter account. He admitted that many Target employees had tried to contact him to ask about the Airpods Generation X headphones.

Well, Apple prepares a high-class headphone in 2020 for sure! Then, what is your opinion about it, mates? Tell me in the comment section, okay? Stay safe and healthy, mates!

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