Howdy mates! Do you have an Apple Smartwatch? If you do, then I have good news for you! Because Apple Smartwatch will present an oxygen detection feature in the blood! So, what is the function of a feature called Oxygen Detection? Well, without further ado, check it out below.

Apple Smartwatch will have some new features such as Sleep tracker, See third-party faces, and else. In the health sector, Apple prepared oxygen detection in the blood, special for Apple Smartwatch users.

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This information is related to the iOS 14 code that found a number of details about new features and improvements to the latest Apple Watch when iOS 14 and watchOS 7 were presented.

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In addition to the detection feature of oxygen in the blood, the device reportedly will support more advanced sleep-tracking features, a number of new Watch features, and the ability of parents to manage and watch children from the iPhone.

Like the Electrocardiogram (ECG) introduced in the previous model, the oxygen detection feature in the blood displays notifications. The feature will give a warning if the oxygen level in the blood is below a healthy threshold.

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It is not yet known whether this feature will be activated by a new sensor exclusively for Apple Watch 6 series or whether it will work on the current Watch hardware. If it is in the form of hardware, that means Apple will add a new sensor in the next generation Apple Watch to bring oxygen detection features in the blood. But if this technology is provided with a software update, maybe older Apple Watch users will also be able to enjoy it.

Well, Apple Smartwatch will present Oxygen Detection Feature for sure! What is your thought about it, mates? Tell me in the comment section, okay! I hope you all always stay healthy and avoid Covid-19.

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