Hi mates! Do you know that Antutu apps are removed by Google? Various applications made by Antutu, such as Antutu 3Dbench, Antutu Benchmark, and AITUTU Benchmark are missing from the Android Play Store. However, these applications are still in the iPhone App Store. So, did it really occur? Without any further blabbering, check it out below.

Antutu is one company that is often used to test smartphone performance. This application gives a certain number of sizes after testing the mobile’s chipset and graphics performance. Later AITUTU was used to test the capability of the smartphone’s artificial intelligence (AI).

Antutu Apps are Removed by Google
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Until now Google still has not revealed the cause of the loss of Antutu’s application. But rumors say the removal of this application is likely related to the massive removal of applications that are under the care of Cheetah Mobile.

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Google recently just pulled all Cheetah Mobile apps from the Play Store. After the company repeatedly violated the rules of the Google Play Store.

Responding to this, Antutu CEO Zhao Chen denied the company’s relationship with Cheetah Mobile. They argue that the company that offers services to measure the performance of the cell phone has stood before Cheetah Mobile.

Antutu Apps are Removed by Google
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Antutu also mentioned that Cheetah Mobile has only been a shareholder in the company since 2014. But Cheetah has never touched an Antutu account on Google Play. In addition, the application also has never promoted any software from the developer.

Chen said this happened due to an error of judgment from the Play Store. Because, in the Antutu Privacy Rules link they use the site address owned by Cheetah Mobile. In addition, one of the bosses (chairman) of Cheetah Mobile also serves on the board of directors of Antutu. However, the benchmark application said this was a necessity decided by investors.

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However, the Cheetah Mobile representative was not involved in Antutu’s operational and management activities. Currently, Antutu is still trying to resolve this problem with Google. At present, the Antutu APK file for Android devices can actually still be downloaded from the Antutu site, as reported by GSMArena. 

All three applications received an update in February. However, at the end of the same month, the three disappeared. What’s your opinion of Antutu apps are removed by Google? Tell me in the comment section, okay.

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