If you are a hard-worker and have to do work-from-home stuff, then you must know these 10 apps for supporting work from home. Then, what’s on the list? Without any further ado, check the list below.

1. Slack

Slack has long been known as a partner application for freelancers. The advantage you will get if you use Slack is the ease of integration that can be connected directly to Dropbox, Google Docs, and so on. Interested in trying? Download it now by clicking here.

2. Zoom

Zoom is one of the best applications at this time that you can use to hold video conferences. With this application you don’t need to worry if you want to hold a meeting with all employees because the maximum number of users can reach 1,000 participants. Access Zoom now by clicking here.

3. Asana

10 Apps for Supporting Work From Home
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The third list of 10 apps for supporting work from home is Asana. It is a tool for project management for a team and individuals. In Asana, there are already many features available that make it easy for a leader to share tasks with the team and arrange the project work schedule. Check the Asana website by clicking here.

4. Trello

Trello is very familiar for freelancers. One of the benefits of Trello is its flexibility in connecting a team to solve problems together. The flow pattern of its use is quite clear and pleasant, which consists of a board, list and card. Access it now by clicking here.

5. Google Drive

Google Drive can be an important tool for sharing data between fellow employees using smartphones, laptops, and data packages. It can easily manage daily reports remotely from home. Access Google Drive now by clicking here.

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6. Google Docs

The main advantage of Google Docs is that we can open and edit document files without having to use an application on a computer. In addition, there is a very powerful spell-checking feature to check typos. Check the application by clicking here.

7. Telegram

The seventh list of 10 apps for supporting work from home is Telegram. It supports communication by chat, voice call, or video call. You can also transfer files to many people. Even better, the files and images are not compressed! Check the website now by clicking here.

8. Toogl

This application is very useful to show your productivity level. This application is perfect for monitoring how long you or your employees are working. Check it now by clicking here.

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9. Chrome Remote Desktop

The ninth list of 10 apps for supporting work from home is Chrome Remote Desktop. This application is very great for access your computer from whatever devices you use. You also can do screen share with your relation or teammates. Check the website by clicking here.

10. Freedom

Freedom application can be a solution for controlling your smartphone time. It also can set when leisure time to open social media, so you can not open social media at will. Check it now by clicking here.

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