It’s no secret that some Android applications use up your battery. They continue to run in the background even though you’re not using it. Sometimes your smartphone will overheat or hot when using it. Surely this makes you uncomfortable, right? So, here are the most battery-draining apps in 2020!

Facebook and Google Dominate it

Most Battery-Draining Apps in 2020
Source: marketingland

If you are wondering what kind of apps that are battery-draining, then the answer is, Facebook and Google dominate it. Actually 5 of Google’s apps and 3 of Facebook’s apps are on the list, and the 2 are from other apps. Then, here is the list:

  1. Gmail
  2. Google
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Waze
  5. YouTube
  6. Facebook
  7. Facebook Messenger
  8. WhatsApp Messenger
  9. Uber 
  10. Amazon Alexa
Most Battery-Draining Apps in 2020
Source: techcrunch

Well, I predict that most of the apps above are installed on your smartphone. WhatsApp is used by more than 1 billion people daily, and Facebook is gen Z’s favorite. Well, that is very obvious because Facebook contains a lot of content that aggravates mobile performance, such as links, text, videos, and photos.

Aware of this problem, Facebook is launching a mini version of its application called Facebook Lite. Of course, there are some features that you cannot access via Facebook Lite, but this is better than your phone’s wasteful battery.

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And how about YouTube? Almost all applications that involve visual elements drain a lot of battery. No exception video streaming applications such as Youtube. The thing you can do is set the brightness level of the handphone to the lowest and not use Bluetooth headphones.

In the browser’s section, Google Chrome is able to drain the battery quickly although it has many features. The alternative is, you can use other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, and other browsers that you can get for free on the Play Store.

Well, that is the 10 most battery-draining apps in 2020. Do you have those apps in your smartphone? Tell me in the comment section below okay.

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