One of the dirtiest and most frequently used items, according to the researchers, is a smartphone. That is because a smartphone follows us wherever we go including the bathroom. However, did you know that smartphones are actually one of the dirtiest things in the world? Here are 5 tips to clean your phone without damaging it. 

1. Rubbing with alcohol

Clean Your Phone
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Do not use window cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia or scrapers to clean your smartphone. Various objects can damage it. For this reason, you simply use distilled water and also a little alcohol to clean it.

2. Using a cotton bud

If your smartphone has a button or plastic exterior, use a soft cloth or cotton bud moistened with alcohol to clean it. However, do not rub it over the metal parts. Try it regularly to clean the bacteria in your plastic exterior.

3. Remove the Casing and Cover

Clean Your Phone
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The next way to clean your smartphone is, don’t just clean the outer surface. Every corner and gap that is also must be cleaned. Because it is precisely those places that have the most dirt. Therefore, remove all the casings and covers so that more and more parts you can clean.

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4. Choose a Soft Fabric or Micro Fiber Cloth to Wipe the Display

The touchscreen type screen is quite vulnerable to scratches. Therefore, the right way to clean the smartphone screen is that you must use a soft type of cloth so as not to injure it. The most recommended is the type of microfiber cloth used to clean eyeglass lenses. Some gadget accessories stores also sell special fabrics for wiping the touchscreen gadget.

5. Don’t Use Any Ordinary Water or Any Liquid

Clean Your Phone
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The next way to clean the smartphone screen is the touchscreen has a thin layer of certain substances that can make it touch-sensitive. Incorrect use of liquid can damage the coating and cause your screen to become insensitive again.

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Liquids such as alcohol and tap water are at great risk for use. We recommend using distilled water or a special liquid cleaning gadget that you can buy at the store. When using distilled water, avoid dripping water directly on the screen. The correct way is to moisten a soft cloth with a few drops of distilled water and then wipe it to the screen.

Well, that is all about 5 tips to clean your phone without damaging it. Tell me your thoughts about it, okay.

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