Howdy mates! There is shocking news from Google. It is reported that Google moved Pixel’s production to Vietnam because of Corona Virus in China. The virus that makes the production of the big industry is moving out of China! Well, are you curious already? Without any further ado, check it out below.

Google really staggered to accelerate the process of moving its base from China to Vietnam thanks to the impact of the spread of the Corona Virus in China. Last year, Google moved the Pixel 4 production line in part, and this resulted in a massive leak before the official opening of its products.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, due to a good partnership between Apple and Google in individual industries, Apple has confirmed that it will assist the production process of the Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 which all come from Vietnam.

Google Moved Pixel’s Production
Source: justandroid

This is not the first time, because Apple has also been helped by Google when there was a trade problem some time ago, it was actually done because of US and Chinese decisions that do not get along in trade. But the partnership between the two happened again because of the Corona Virus this time.

Although a coronavirus outbreak may still affect Pixel production because China faces logistical obstacles. Rumors suggest that Google is considering the idea of ​​moving the base to several important components that are still produced in China. 

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Even though Google doesn’t depend entirely on China in terms of Smartphone production, it’s not like Apple which actually relies on China for Smartphone Production. Google is projecting a time frame for Pixel production at its Vietnam facility in April, while for 4a and the second half of 2020 for Pixel 5.

According to an IDC spokesperson, “Even if production is moved outside of China, important component suppliers are still based in the country. Delivery of spare parts definitely takes time, because the supply chain ecosystem needs time to rebuild.”

Well, what do you think of Google moved Pixel’s production to Vietnam? Tell me in the comment section, okay.

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