Oppo’s first smartwatch will be released soon. The team that designed Oppo made its latest wearable gadget towards Apple Watch as the role model. However, if you look closely and in detail, the device is not exactly the same as Apple Watch.

The rendering image on the Oppo smartwatch has two tap buttons. Whereas the Apple Watch only has one crown and a button. Then, between the two tap buttons on the Oppo pinned a microphone.

At present, there are already many vendors of smartphones that already have smartwatches. The aim is to enrich parts of their ecosystem. For example, big vendors like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

Shen Yiren Vice President of Oppo announced on the Weibo platform that his company was working on a smartwatch. This news is a continuation of previous info. Based on previous information, there has been a recent patent obtained by Oppo at the beginning of last year. This is about the latest smartwatch that can be folded, the first Oppo smartwatch.

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In addition to giving the Oppo smartwatch its first look, Shen also stated that this smartwatch has a flexible display. The curved edge of the watch makes it even more elegant. The operating system used by smartwatches is definitely not known. The possibility of using Wear OS from Google as the main choice.

Oppo’s latest smartwatch
Source: slashgear

However, lately, many Chinese brands are using their own platform for their wearable gadgets needs. Also can not be determined whether this device will embed Bluetooth features in the specifications.

Apple Watch so far is indeed a very popular smartwatch. The audience also found it very sophisticated, interesting and fun to wear. Therefore, Oppo makes it a role model. Oppo’s first smartwatch face has a square screen with curved edges and there are two buttons located on the very slim side.

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At Apple watch series, there is a button and a rotating crown. However, it is likely that the first Oppo smartwatch will not include the rotating crown. That is because the additional crown will be more expensive and complicated for smartphones. The left side is not a very ergonomic place for a watch. Unless the user is a left-handed person.

What do you think of Oppo’s latest smartwatch that has a similar design with Apple Watch? Tell me in the comment section below.

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