Hi mates! You may know that Huawei can’t use Google service because the US government forbids it. Yet actually Google is desired to collaborate with Huawei, for sure. Without any further chitchat, check the complete news below.

In May 2019, Huawei was entered into the United States government blacklist. Therefore, Huawei may not collaborate with companies from the United States, including Google. As a result, Huawei smartphones starting from Mate 30 cannot access applications made by Google.

Google Is Desired To Collaborate With Huawei
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However, Google actually did not agree with what was done by the United States government, and still wanted to embrace the Huawei company. Google Play and Android Vice President, Sameer Samat, said that recently Google had just submitted a request for permission from the government so that Google was allowed to cooperate again with Huawei.

In an application submitted by Google to the United States government. Sameer admitted that they still did not know when the government would provide a decision regarding cooperation because the decision was owned by the United States. 

If the United States government allows Google to cooperate with Huawei. So Huawei will be able to access Google applications and services on its newest product.

Google Is Desired To Collaborate With Huawei
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Huawei itself once stated that they would be happy to add Google applications and services back to the original smartphone if Google gets permission from the United States government to work together.

In the absence of Google applications and services, of course, it becomes a big obstacle for Huawei companies. Especially in markets outside of China where most of their consumers are familiar with using Google applications and services.

Huawei’s high-end smartphones such as Huawei Mate 30, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and foldable smartphones Huawei Mate Xs, the three smartphones do not use Google applications and services so that there is a reduction in attractiveness in the eyes of consumers outside of China.

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Not only that, Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone, such as the Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro, will likely suffer the same fate as other smartphones. Therefore, Huawei determined to use its own applications and services called Huawei Mobile Services.

Well, what’s your opinion about Google is desired to collaborate with Huawei? Tell me in the comment section, okay!

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