Hello mates! Android 11 will have many changes to the system and of course, there will be interesting new features such as Native Screen Recorder and Chat Bubbles. Without any further chitchat, check it out below.

1. New Notification bubbles

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This feature has been broadcast since last year and has been staying entered into Android 10. Notification bubbles or bubbles allow the application to appear in small sizes on the screen when there are new notifications.

The concept is similar to pop-up messages that can be used to reply to messages quickly. Users can tap the notification bubble to open the application and tap the bubble again to minimize it (minimize).

This is not a new feature, some versions of Android can already try this feature. Google wants to make this feature to become the default feature that can be used for more applications, not just for messaging applications.

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2. Native Screen Recorder

New Features in Android 11
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Android 11 will have a default screen recorder. This feature might not be as interesting if seen that smartphone vendors make their own screen recorders for their smartphones. Another if the default screen recorder for Android 11 will work as well as iOS’s screen recorder.

2. Mute Notification during video recording

Ever felt annoyed when you were busy recording a video and then a notification appeared? on Android 11 you can later turn off notifications during video recording. The way it works is the same as Do not disturb when playing games.

3. Airplane Mode will not turn off Bluetooth

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Previously by activating Airplane Mode when Bluetooth was on it would turn off the Bluetooth as well as deactivating all smartphone signals. This will certainly make you upset because you have to activate Bluetooth again, especially when you’re using Bluetooth headphones. On Android 11 Bluetooth will remain on when activating Airplane Mode.

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4.Battery Share

This feature seems to be used in the latest version of the Google Pixel smartphone where it can only be used for some devices that are compatible with this feature. By using the Battery Share feature, battery devices on Android 11 will be reduced quickly because it is transferred to another device. 

That’s a little feature that will be on Android 11 later. There are many other features that will be available such as Notification History, One-time permission, and several other interesting features.

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