Hello mates! Do you ever wonder what kind of good applications are in Google Play Store? If you want to install an application or game, I guess that you usually check the review first, whether good or not. Yet, it is not a secret that Google Play Store has a lot of fake reviews. Then, what is the solution from Google?

Nowadays, fake reviews were circulating in every application that entered the Google Play Store. Usually, this is done by the developer in order to get a high rating and increase popularity. Thus, it is bad because we as users will be trapped by fake reviews and high ratings. 

Google Play Store Has A Lot of Fake Reviews
Source: androidpit

To find a fake review is not too difficult. Usually, these fake reviews have the characteristics of a fake username and are not linked to a particular account, whereas most users actually use their name or something similar.

Even so, fake reviews grow in number and intelligence. Suspicious positive reviews are increasing at a fast rate and this bot doesn’t just give five more stars. By diversifying with less positive ratings, they become difficult to track.

So, what is the solution from Google? Actually Google has no great solution for it. As users, we can report suspicious reviews. So it will be an actual preventive of manipulated ratings. Otherwise, just look at editorialized best lists rather than in-app top free lists, because the prior one is trusted than the later.

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The last advice is, find out who the developer is. The developers will usually put their name under the application title so it’s easy to recognize. If you don’t know the name of the developer, you should visit the website to find out about the developer. 

Well, what’s your opinion about the Google Play Store having a lot of fake reviews? Tell me in the comment section, okay mates?

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