Instagram is one of the social media platforms that often releases new features. This time, the company is reportedly back preparing a new feature for the photo and video sharing service. Instagram will release reaction feature on DM! What is the complete news? Check it out below!

The new feature is Reactions for Direct Messages (DM). This information comes from Jane Wong, who often discovers features that have not yet been announced.

Facebook’s Tech Communications Manager, Alex Voica, is said to have confirmed Jane’s findings. “Tech Comms Manager @ alexavoica has confirmed the unreleased feature, and this is something they are testing for several days,” Jane wrote through her Twitter account.

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Unfortunately, so far there is no information about the time of the launch of the feature. But given that the feature has just begun to be tested, it may take several more weeks to be officially announced.

Instagram Will Release Reaction Feature on DM
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Until now, Instagram users can only give “likes” to messages sent via DM. While based on information from Jane, there will be seven reactions to DM messages including the love and smile icons.

Furthermore, Twitter has previously released a similar feature as Instagram is preparing. The microblogging service presents an emoji reaction to messages in the DM feature.

The emoji reaction in DM can be used either for text messages or media attachments. To add a reaction, users can simply open a message in the DM, then click the reaction button with a heart icon and a plus sign.

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Alternatively, users can simply tap the message twice to select the desired emoji. “It’s quick and easy to add emoji reactions to Direct Message, both for text and media attachments,” Twitter wrote.

Users can also cancel the emojis given to the message. Every DM gets a reaction, the sender of the message will get a notification. For the record, this emoji reaction feature can only be used on the new version of the Twitter application on iOS and Android.

Well, what do you think of Instagram will release a reaction feature on DM? Tell me in the comment section below, okay mates?

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