Hi mates! Do you want to protect your data privacy from Facebook? Well, after being present first in a number of countries, Facebook finally released the Off-Facebook Activity feature for all users. Are you curious by now? Then, without any further chitchat, let’s talk about it.

Facebook release Off-Facebook Activity feature. This feature serves to maintain privacy by erasing the history of activity on a number of sites that are linked to user accounts during social networking via Facebook.

This feature was launched to coincide with Data Privacy Day which fell on January 28 and became one of Facebook’s efforts to create a more transparent privacy system on its platform. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Off-Facebook Activity feature can make it easier for users to see who can see their profile information. Including other websites that are linked to the account.

Protect Your Data Privacy from Facebook
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“Other businesses send us information about your activities on their site, and we use that information to display ads that are relevant to you. Now you can see a summary of that information and delete it from your account if you want,” Zuckerberg wrote.

This feature allows users to delete one or all data and activity history in third-party applications or other websites that are linked to a Facebook account. Facebook currently relies on a number of information sent by third-party platforms to display relevant advertisements for users.

So, by deleting the history of these activities, users can reduce ads that are considered irrelevant or not according to their interests. To use this feature, users can simply enter the settings menu (settings) via the burger button (three lines stacked) in the upper right of the Facebook application.

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Then, scroll down to the bottom and select the “Privacy Shortcuts” sub-menu in the “Settings & Privacy” menu. After that, click the “View or clear your off-Facebook activity” option in the “Your Facebook Information” menu. Finally, click “Clear History” to delete the entire history of third party application activities that are connected to Facebook.

Users can also choose the “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity” menu to see what Facebook can access through third-party applications and delete them one by one. When deleted, then the user must actually authenticate again if you want to log in again to a third-party application or a website that was connected to a Facebook account.

Well, do you really want to get Off-Facebook Activity feature to protect your data privacy from Facebook, mates? Tell me in the comment section yeah!

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