Twitter presents emoji reactions for DM, really?! This time, the microblogging service presents emoji reactions to messages in the Direct Messages (DM) feature. Well, so that really happened. Then, what’s about the detail? Well, without any further ado, check it out below.

Quoted from an explanation on the Twitter website, Friday (1/24/2020), the emoji reaction in DM can be used either for text messages or media attachments. To add a reaction, users can simply open a message in the DM, then click the reaction button with a heart icon and a plus sign.

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Alternatively, users can simply tap the message twice to select the desired emoji. “It’s quick and easy to add emoji reactions to Direct Message, both for text and media attachments,” Twitter wrote.

Users can also cancel the emojis given to the message. Every DM gets a reaction, the sender of the message will get a notification. For the record, this emoji reaction feature can only be used on the new version of the Twitter application on iOS and Android.

Furthermore, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, some time ago opened the voice about the twit edit feature. Since Twitter was launched in 2006, users have requested the presence of the feature, but until now it has not been released.

Twitter Presents Emoji Reactions for DM
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The company has always been evasive and said, very seriously considering releasing the twit edit feature or not. Dorsey also increasingly emphasized the company’s attitude. In an interview with Wired, Dorsey was asked about the possibility of the presence of an edit button for tweets this year.

“The answer is no,” Jack Dorsey said, as quoted by Tekno from The Verge, Friday (1/17/2020). Jack Dorsey’s rejection of the twit edit button is not surprising. The company reasoned to prioritize the existence of other features.

“To be honest, (the edit button) is a feature that needs to be developed at some point. However, this feature is not our priority. We probably will not bring it up (edit button),” he said.

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According to him, the editing button was not rooted in Twitter’s original function. “We started as SMS, a text messaging service. And as is well known, when you send a message, you cannot take it back,” Dorsey said.

Even so, Jack Dorsey does not deny the edit button still has a function. For example, fix typos of twits that have been uploaded. However, he realized, editing tweets that have been uploaded can create incorrect information.

Well, what do you think about Twitter presents emoji reactions for DM, mates?

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