Google has indeed shown its initiative to reduce the use of mobile phones through Digital Wellbeing. This time, Google released 3 applications to reduce gadgets addiction. Reportedly, the three applications are claimed to be able to transform your phone into a simple, calmer device. Without further ado, check it out below.


First, an application called Envelope was specifically rolled out by Google for Pixel 3A users. Uniquely, this application uses envelopes to store smartphones. Later the smartphone’s users will be stored in a special envelope to limit usage.

Google Released 3 Applications to Reduce Gadgets Addiction
Source: inceptivemind

How it works, just simply download the Envelope application on the Play Store. Then, follow the instructions to print PDFs with envelope patterns. Furthermore, you only need to enter Pixel 3A into the envelope and open the Envelope application.

Later, users simply press the keypad that has been formed in the envelope pattern earlier. The keypad functions to make emergency telephone calls. You can download it here.

Activity Bubbles

The second application is called Activity Bubbles. It has functions that are almost like live wallpaper which is displaying the duration of smartphone unlock period. Activity Bubbles displays the duration in the form of a bubble that is getting bigger according to the time duration. The longer the cell phone is used, the bigger the bubble will be. You can download it here.

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Screen Stopwatch

The last application is Screen Stopwatch. It comes in the form of a stopwatch live wallpaper. The timer displays the real-time duration of your smartphone usage. Later if the phone and screen are inactive or locked, then the Screen Stopwatch will automatically stop. Otherwise, if it is active, it will automatically calculate the duration of the cell phone usage. You can download it here.

Well, that’s all about Google released 3 applications to reduce gadgets addiction. Unlike Envelope for exclusively Pixel 3A, Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch arrive for all Android users. Are you interested in trying them, mates?

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