Spotify made a breakthrough by presenting the latest features. The latest feature is quite unique because Spotify has a playlist for your pet. Wow, what’s about the detail? Well, without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

Based on the results of Spotify’s research, 8 out of 10 animal owners believe that their pets also like listening to music. From a survey of 5,000 pet lovers in the US, UK, Australia, Italy and Spain, 71 percent of them often play music for their pets, and 57 percent also often sing for pets.

Meanwhile, 69 percent of pet owners also participate in inviting their pets to dance together. To that end, Spotify then created a special feature for pets that was launched on Wednesday, January 15th.

Spotify Has A Playlist For Your Pet
Source: cnn

As quoted by Forbes, to create playlists for pets, users need to access the Spotify Pet Playlist site. The site will then display five pet options like cats, dogs, iguanas, birds or hamsters. In addition, the site will also ask users to fill in personal characteristics of pet information, such as full of energy or relaxed, shy or friendly, and apathetic or curious.

The user can then add the pet’s name and photo, and Spotify will display a playlist icon with a pet’s name on the playlist. This playlist compiler is able to collect songs that are considered to be liked by both the owner and the pet.

This song selection is also adjusted to the personal characteristic options that the user has chosen. If you want to make a pet playlist, you can follow several stages. First, open this page or open in a browser.

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Then click the “Let’s Go” button in the middle of the page. After that, Spotify will display a selection of pets such as Chameleons, Cats, Dogs, Hamsters or Birds. Choose your pet. After selecting it, Spotify will invite you to do a little survey to “personalize” or adapt music to your pet’s personality.

In the survey, you will be asked to determine the nature or personality of your pet. From relaxed or energetic to shy or friendly. After passing the survey, you will be asked to take photos of pets and write their names. Artificial Spotify Intelligence will also guess your animal’s personality through the photo.

Then, Spotify will also synchronize your music tastes with pet music tastes. After going through the stages above, a special playlist of pets has also been formed on Spotify.

Such a unique feature! Tell me your thoughts about Spotify has a playlist for your pet, mates. Do you wanna try it?

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