Do you have AirPods, mates? If you have it, you have to know the 5 AirPods hidden tricks that maybe just a bunch of people who know it. Well, are you curious already? Then, without wasting more time, check the hidden tricks below.

1. Find your lost AirPod is just a piece of cake


AirPods are just a little pair of stuff without any wire or we just simply call it TWS (True Wireless Stereo). You can take it anywhere outside the case, and maybe just lose it. Yet, no worries. Finding lost AirPods is just a piece of cake. 

If you have the “Find my iPhone” feature activated on your portable device and have paired it with your AirPods, you can use this feature to locate your lost earbuds. How can I do it? Well, that is simple, just go into your iPhone Settings, and tap your name. Click Find My and enable Find My iPhone and Send Last Location. You can track it easily, then.

2. Know who’s calling without looking to your iPhone

AirPods Hidden Tricks
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When you are hearing music and there is someone who is calling, no need to look on your iPhone. Siri can tell who is calling you without looking. To enable this feature, go into your iPhone Settings and tap on Phone. Then, tap Announce Calls and select Always. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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3. Read, type, and send messages using voice

You can use Siri to read, type and send messages on your iPhone. If you have the latest operating system, you can command Siri to do all of it. 

4. Connect your AirPods with everything

Well, although AirPods are from Apple, you can use it to other brands and platforms such as Android devices, gear, and others. How can that happen? It is pretty simple actually, just pair your AirPods into your other device using Bluetooth. You can use Samsung, Realme, or maybe Huawei smartphone to use AirPods as TWS. 

Source: Apple support

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5. Turn your AirPods into a hearing aid

AirPods are multifunctional. If you have any difficulties hearing someone during a conversation, you can use AirPods to be your hearing aid. In iOS 12, there is a feature called Live Listen. Once it is settled up, you can place your iPhone closer to the person you want to hear, and the AirPods will deliver clearer audio for you.

Source: Macrumours

Well, that is all you must know about 5 AirPods hidden tricks. What trick do you like the most? Tell me in the comment section, okay?

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