Pokemon fans seem to be excited because two new Pokemon games have come to FB Gaming. The two games are Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle. Wow, are you curious already? No worries, without any further ado, check it out below.

Facebook (FB) Gaming continues to provide alternative games for its users, since its launch in early 2018 this platform tries to present interesting games to its users, and right at the end of the year, Facebook gaming greets Pokemon game fans by releasing Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle.

Pokemon New Games are Coming on FB Gaming
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Pokemon Tower Battle was developed by Bombay Play and can be played throughout the world. Described as “unique take on the Pokémon franchise”, this game assigns players to take turns dropping Pokemon from the sky as they race to build Pokemon towers.

“When players find, capture, and raise the level of rare Pokemon, they can compete in real-time against their Facebook friends and will be available globally,” Facebook wrote in its official announcement.

Pokemon New Games are Coming on FB Gaming
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And the second game is Pokemon Medallion Battle. The game is about a card battle strategy game, where players can train and develop their Pokémon. Every month, new Pokemon will be added to be found.

“Trainer can collect, fight and develop Pokemon in the form of medals and start a journey with their friends to win medals and complete their Pokedex,” Facebook said while promoting the Pokémon Medallion Battle.

Tsunekazu Ishihara as CEO of The Pokémon Company explained that cooperation with Facebook could increase the number of their players. In fact, Facebook has so many audiences from various ages.

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“Launching these games through Facebook allows people around the world to taste Pokemon in digital form, and we are very happy to collaborate with Facebook Gaming to attract new audiences to enjoy online Pokémon games,” Tsunekazu Ishihara said.

To play Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle, you only need to go to the Facebook application on the smartphone, click the Gaming menu, and write the two game titles in the search field.

Well, I am glad that Pokemon new games are coming on FB Gaming. Let’s play together, mates!

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