Hi mates! Ahead of the United States elections (US) which will be held on November 2020, Spotify confirmed that they will pause political ads that pass in the music streaming service made. Why will Spotify pause political ads in 2020? Check the answer below.

This decision Spotify made to pause political ads in 2020 is not only for his music streaming service, but also podcasts. Some of these are “The Joe Budden Podcast” and “Amy Schumer Presents”.

Reported by Reuters, the step Spotify chose is considered as a neutral method to support campaign for the presidential election of the United States (US) in November 2020 which has begun to heat up.

Spotify Pause Political Ads in 2020
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“At this time, we do not yet have the level of resilience needed in our processes, systems and tools to responsibly validate and review this content. We will reassess this decision, as our capabilities develop,” Spotify representative told Reuters.

Spotify’s new policy includes advertisements from political groups such as candidates, elected and appointed officials, political parties, political action committees (PAC) and SuperPACS, as well as content that supports or opposes these entities. Spotify also will not sell ads that support legislative and judicial results.

This policy only applies to sales of SPotify ads, not those embedded in third-party content. Nevertheless, the content must still be subject to the broader Spotify content policy. According to the official Spotify statement, the suspension policy will be effective starting in early 2020 in the US. However, it is not mentioned in detail when the date or month.

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Similar steps have been taken before by Twitter. Twitter has been blocking political ads since November 2019. While Google last month said it would stop accepting advertisers to target election ads using data such as public voter records, and general political affiliations.

Well, that is the answer to ‘why will Spotify pause political ads in 2020?’. Then, do you have any questions about it, mates?

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