Howdy mates! Do you ever wonder what kind of upgrade you need in smartphones? If you ask me, actually I have a list of it. I want these 10 upgrades on smartphones in 2020. What’s on the list exactly? Well, let’s jump into it.

1. No more huge notches phone

The notches design is very famous in 2019, yet I am sick of it. I need more full-screen smartphones without any suck notches in the top area. It hurts to see it by myself. So, I hope that there are no notches design anymore in 2020. Give me a full-screen experience.


2. Under-display cameras

Upgrades Smartphones 2020
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Well, in order to have the full-screen experience, I’d like to see more of under-display cameras such as Oppo Reno 2, Oppo Reno 2F, Vivo V17 Pro, and so on. Or maybe flip cameras like Samsung Galaxy A80 or Asus Zenfone 6. The technology is pretty useful to get the full-screen experience yet also get good cameras.

3. Waterproof for expensive smartphones

If you are offering a smartphone that costs more than $500, then you better give an IP67 or IP68 rating. Because I will buy it for sure if the specs are good too. Well, I live in a wet area, and now it is a rainy day. So, if I buy an expensive smartphone, it should be waterproof. Please bring it in 2020, okay vendors?

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4. Give us 90 Hz Refresh Rate or More

I am a gamer, and I am very glad that Realme is coming with Realme X2 Pro with a 90 Hz refresh rate, OnePlus 7T Pro with 90 Hz refresh rate, and Asus ROG Phone 2 with 120 Hz refresh rate. It is really helping me to play a lot of games such as PUBG Mobile, Black Desert Mobile, and others. So, please give me a 90 Hz refresh rate of smartphones in 2020.

5. Balanced Stereo Speakers

Upgrades Smartphones 2020
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The fifth list of 10 upgrades on smartphones in 2020 is balanced stereo speakers. I usually play YouTube directly from my smartphone without using any earplugs at home. I am sure that you usually do it too, mates. So, we need to get more balanced stereo speakers in 2020.

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6. Bring back the headphone jack

Wireless society is coming! But, the headphone jack is still necessary for us. The first reason is, it provides better audio quality than Bluetooth, the second is universal, and the third is battery saving. So, just hold on a second and bring back the headphone jack in 2020, please.


7. Remove The Assistant Buttons

Do you remember the Bixby button in the Samsung previous series, mates? I have had a very bad experience while using Samsung Galaxy S8+ with the Bixby button on the left-hand side. I have to lose several Mobile Legend matches because of it. So, please remove every assistant button on smartphones.

8. Less bloatware

Upgrades Smartphones 2020
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I will be glad if I can fully customize my apps on my smartphone. I mean, I can choose what apps I want to install and uninstall. But I think that is impossible for now because of bloatware. So, please stop adding junk bloatware to your great smartphones, it will become less interesting, you know.

9. Bigger camera sensors

Do you know that sensors and megapixels are different? Well, megapixels will be directly related to how large the size of our photos when printed. While photo quality is basically determined by many factors, such as the size of the sensor. So, I need bigger camera sensors in 2020 for sure!

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10. Better battery life

In order to play games more and get rid of power-bank, I need to buy a smartphone with great battery life. And I think it is time for smartphones to provide better battery life with high specs. I will gladly buy it!

Well, that’s all of 10 Upgrades on Smartphones in 2020 that I want. Do you agree with my list, mates? Tell me in the comment section below.

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