Hi mates! Do you ever play any Final Fantasy games? If you ever play it, then you might wonder when the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released. Then, here is the good news, Final Fantasy VII Remake will release a demo. Without any further blabbering, let me tell you the leaks of it below.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, the RPG game by Square Enix, is ​​scheduled to launch on 3 March 2020. Even though the launch date has been set, the latest rumor of Final Fantasy VII Remake is still interesting to watch. But before that, Final Fantasy VII Remake was rumored to be launching a demo.

This rumor blows from the leak obtained through PSN. Again, PSN was missed in showing a new game. After Resident Evil 3 Remake leaked on PSN, now turn to leak the demo version through this official PlayStation service.

This time the poster of this RPG game made by Square Enix appears with frills in a demo. However, this poster has been removed by PSN. Even so, gamers still readily capture the appearance of the Final Fantasy VII Remake poster for demo version and share this important information.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo
Source: gamstat

Final Fantasy VII Remake itself is indeed the most anticipated RPG game from Square Enix which will launch March 3, 2020. A number of trailers and screenshots have been distributed to continue to foster hype in this Final Fantasy VII Remake game.

But surely it will be more interesting if Square Enix dares to release a demo of this RPG game before it launches later. Square Enix and PSN are certainly still silent when the demo was launched.

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Furthermore, Gamstat also confirmed the rumor by publishing an icon reading, “Final Fantasy VII Remake DEMO.” Gamstat is a content update tracking site for the Playstation Network that a few weeks ago had accurately leaked the existence of Resident Evil 3 Remake before it opened Capcom to the public.

Then it seems that the Final Fantasy VII Remake rumor demo version for Playstation 4 is only a matter of time. What kind of content will it offer? Let’s wait for the official update from Square Enix. Can’t wait for it!

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