Hi mates! Do you like mobile shooter games? Well, you are in the right place, then. Because right now I will tell you 5 best mobile shooter games in 2019! Wow, what’s on the list exactly? Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, which was released for Android and iOS smartphones, also turned out to be a success of the crowded PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game on PCs and consoles. With 100 players in one game, of course, your main mission is to be the last person to survive. Not just fun to play alone, PUBG Mobile will be even more exciting when playing in Duo or Squad mode.

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

After a long wait, finally the most popular war game in the world is present in the mobile platform. Call of Duty: Mobile offers a new FPS game experience in the palm of the hand, mates. Different from the PC version, Call of Duty: Mobile brings a Multiplayer mode where you can compete between teams to win a match.

In addition, there is also a Battle Royale mode that is in high demand among gamers and also the Zombie mode for a more tense game. However, this game is still in the Beta Testing stage in certain countries. But if you live in Indonesia, you can already play it.

3. Free Fire

The next mobile shooter game is Free Fire. Did you know that Free Fire is the most downloaded game in 2019 according to App Annie. This battle royale game is not require high smartphone specs to be played.

In addition, Free Fire is also only played by 50 players in 1 battle royale which is making it faster to complete which is about 10 minutes compared to the PUBG Mobile game that can reach 100 players and completed in an average of 30 minutes.

4. Super Mecha Champions

If you are bored with the common battle royale games, then you must try Super Mecha Champions. What is the reason? Super Mecha Champion is Using firearms AND large robots like Gundam to defeat other players. Furthermore, the robot will have the skills and abilities which can be used to dominate the battle. If you love anime and mobile shooter games, you must try this game!

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5. Cyber Hunter

The last mobile shooter game on the list is Cyber Hunter. This game is more than other battle royale games and of course with new features and new innovations that make the Battle royale genre look fresh and attractive.

Best Mobile Shooter Games in 2019
Source: apkpure

Cyber Hunter is a game that takes a Futuristic theme. Starting from buildings, weapons, to vehicles that are in the game are pretty cool and high tech. Players can build buildings according to the skills they take.

Starting from making trees for cover, to the Healing station that can be used to give blood to your teammates. Only by using an energy called Quantum energy.

Well, that’s all about 5 best mobile shooter games in 2019. What’s your favorite mobile shooter games, mates?

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