Samsung is reportedly preparing the latest Galaxy Buds with code number SM-R175 on the FCC. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are predicted to be present next year. Wow, are you curious now? Well, without any further blabbering, just check it out below.

Reported by The Verge, based on information in FCC documents, the regulator has approved the earbuds. An image in the FCC document has information that the earbud has a 150mAh battery capacity, while the case is 600mAh.

The battery capacity is greater than the first version of Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R170). On the Samsung Indonesia page, each earbud has a 58mAh battery, and 252mAh case. However, you don’t have to trust those numbers. Because, for the original Galaxy Buds, the battery rating in the FCC filing is higher than that in retail products.

Samsung Galaxy Buds New
Source: theverge

Samsung seems to be launching it with the launch of the Galaxy S11 series at the Mobile World Congress 2020 in February. Earbuds are predicted to be present as Apple’s AirPods Pro competitors. If true, then the product might also have an active noise cancellation feature.

Other specifications and schedules for the latest Galaxy Buds launch are still unknown. But the upcoming version of Galaxy Buds will reportedly release with white, silver, black and yellow variants. And of course, the battery capacity is greater than the previous version.

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And how about the previous version? Let’s talk about it for a little.

If we talk about ergonomics, Galaxy Buds is more comfortable to use. That is because it is light, only 6 grams, and fits right in the ear, these earphones can be worn for a long time without being felt. The wing tip is very useful to hold earbuds from falling easily, even if selected according to the contours in the curve of our ears, it is difficult to be released even though we move and exercise.

Well, do you ever use it, mates?

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