Hi mates! The new year is in sight. The fact is Microsoft, Apple, and Google experience market increases in 2019. Wow, it is great hearing my favorite tech companies got market increases. How is the complete news? Well, without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

By the end of the year, various analysts had provided results related to the analysis of the market value of each technology vendor. Apparently, the three big technology companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google also did not escape from analysts.

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In the Forbes report (12/22), 2019 was a good time for Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Because those three technology giants were able to reap a sizable market value, let’s talk about Microsoft first.

2019 is a good time for Microsoft. The reason is, technology companies under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella managed to rise quite significant. The market value they got is 408 billion USD. This large increase is predicted to be inseparable from Microsoft’s cloud business.

Source: https://nawindpower.com/

Currently, the overall market value of Microsoft is almost 1.9 trillion USD. Surely this has encouraged Microsoft and Apple to compete fiercely for the throne as the most valuable technology at the world level. Thus, how about Apple?

Apple earned a market value of nearly 1.2 trillion USD. This means that Apple managed to rise by 497 USD. The increase is inseparable from Apple’s hard work in service and strong product sales. Do you remember the iPhone 11 series? It is such an outstanding Apple smartphone in 2019.

Source: https://bryantarchway.com/

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Not only Microsoft and Apple, Google also gain a market value that is not small. The giant search engine company managed to obtain a total market of 934 billion USD. Furthermore, with the acquisition of a pretty fantastic market, Google is predicted to rise by 214 million USD.

source: https://techthelead.com/

Wow, such a great number of market value. Furthermore, healthy market competition will encourage new ecosystems and create outstanding innovations. Well, let’s wait for innovations from the three technology giants in 2020. 

Anyways, tell me your thoughts about “Microsoft, Apple, and Google Experience Market Increases in 2019” in the comment section, okay?

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