PUBG Mobile presents an attractive graphical display and offers a different gameplay compared to other games on Android. The success of PUBG Mobile follows the success of the legendary PC version of PUBG. Now I want to discuss how to play PUBG Mobile without lagging! Since I believe many of the players in PUBG Mobile will experience a lag when they are playing the game.

Prepare a Smartphone That Supports PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Without Lagging
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Make sure your smartphone uses a powerful chipset like the Snapdragon 700 series and above in order to play PUBG Mobile. Also make sure your RAM is large enough, at least 3GB. Here are some smartphone recommendations under 2 Million Rupiahs to play PUBG Mobile: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi Redmi 6, Xiaomi S2 and Xiaomi Redmi 5 series.

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In addition, the refresh rate also affects the smoothness of playing PUBG Mobile. The higher the refresh rate on the smartphone, of course the less likely it is lagging. Because the high refresh rate that is owned by a cell phone will support the level of graphics density.

Adjust Graphics Settings in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Without Lagging
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Graphic adjustments are needed because there are various settings to choose from. But the selection of graphics should not be based on the desire to get a great display by carrying HDR – Ultra. If your smartphone does not have reliable specifications, it will lag for sure. To avoid this, you can choose Smooth – Medium graphics. That is enough to display PUBG Mobile matches without lagging.

Use a Stable Internet

PUBG Mobile Without Lagging
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Although 4G supports better graphics and no lag, the most important thing is stable network quality. If your smartphone is likely to support 3G better than 4G, then it is enough to play PUBG Mobile. But it is better if you use 4G or Wifi connection which offers a stable average speed connection and low ping.

Use the Game Booster Feature

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Some smartphones have Game Booster features that can support optimization in playing games such as PUBG Mobile. If your smartphone has a game booster feature, it must be used and activated. Game Booster will run your PUBG Mobile without lagging.

Well, let’s play PUBG Mobile together then!

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