Hi mates, do you know what incognito mode is? Incognito mode is a mode that can be used when someone is surfing in cyberspace. By activating this mode, you can surf without saving your browsing history, but usually, we find that Incognito mode is only available if we are using a service like Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browser applications. Well, the good news we bring is, Incognito Mode is coming to Google Maps and happening in iOS, great! Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

Incognito mode will be present in the Google Maps service for iOS. With this mode, iOS users can tap Google Maps for navigation and location search without revealing their personal data. Previously, Google updated this mode only for Android smartphones, but now Google has brought it to the iOS version.

Google Maps Incognito Mode
Source: theverge

When you use incognito mode, your search will not be recorded in history. The other party will not know the destination that the user is looking for through Google Maps. This mode has advantages for users. One of them is to maintain the privacy of its users. Sometimes there are users who are less comfortable with personal recommendations. That’s what makes Google launch this mode.

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Not only Google Maps Incognito mode for iOS, Google also said, a new feature called bulk delete will be available for Android next month. This bulk delete will later allow the user to find and delete a number of places from the Timeline and Location History, in one fell swoop.

Google Maps Incognito Mode
Source: candid.technology

The way it works is that if the user activates this mode, the location history will be lost. Then the user also cannot see the estimated waiting time in some places.

Another impact of using this feature is the user cannot see the parking situation. Especially the situation of the parking lot to be addressed. Some of the features above might be difficult for users. But user privacy regarding location search will be safer.

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In addition, Google will also present new features in the Google Opinion Reward application on Android. This application allows users to get Play Store credits by answering surveys.

Users can get a score of 10 cents to USD 1 each time they participate in answering questions. This credit must be used for a maximum of one year.

Well, iOS incognito mode will make iPhone and Android users more comfortable. Especially on location search privacy. Agree, mates?

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