Hi mates! Do you like browsing on YouTube? Well, if you are the YouTube old users, you might know the difference between YouTube new homepage and the old one. Well, what do you think about the new homepage? Does it suck? Well, let’s talk about it below.

YouTube New Homepage
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The new version of YouTube homepage got a lot of complaints from its users because the new changes is kind of sucks. The new homepage just has one section: recommended videos. You will get an endless feed of it which is related to your interest in the previous browsing, or just random videos which is not related to creators that I subscribed. The new interface is also got bigger thumbnails of video preview.

What’s the problem actually? Well, it is very different from the YouTube old homepage. In the old version, you got a lot of sections such as recommended videos, recent uploaded, featured channels, and so on. It is more variation than the new one. I could browse more of my favorite channels, and I can get similar videos of it. Yet now, I need more time to get the video I want in the new version.

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Well, I am not the only one to suffer. TheFlowerPoison account complained in YouTube Help. He (or she) wrote, “I dealt with, and actually liked the changes until now AND IT BOTHERS ME SO EFFING MUCH!Please, change it back to what it was.”

Jingojango also wrote in the replies, “Same with me. I’ve grown to accept change, but this is awful. Now I have to click even more to get where I want to be. The worst of all is the white. Is this a work in progress or something? That layout with just white is terrible. If your going to keep this horrendous homepage layout, then at least bring back the black.”

The creators are also screaming about the YouTube latest homepage. The example is Chongo on Twitter. “you know id be upset enough about Youtube constantly putting out updates to fuck over their creators, but making their homepage look like shit is just kinda rubbing salt in the wound.” Chongo said.

Some of the users also search about how to get the old version back. But I am afraid to say that is not possible. So, please YouTube. Hear us.

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