Hi mates! If you are a Xiaomi user, then you may know about Xiaomi Quick Apps. The default Xiaomi Quick Apps is reported to have been blocked by Google Play Protect for taking a number of users’ data. Complaints are submitted by the user after receiving a notification containing a warning against the application. Wow, what’s the complete news about Google blocks xiaomi application? Well, without any further ado, just check it out below.

Reporting from the Times of India, when users try to update the application, there is a notification that appears saying: This app can collect data that could be used to track you.

Google Blocks Xiaomi Application
Source: ibtimes

According to the latest information reported by Android Police, Xiaomi said that this was due to a change in the algorithm by Google Play Protect, which resulted in Quick Apps being suspected as malware.

“We contact Google about this and the possibility of it happening because of a revision in the Google Play Protect algorithm. I promise that the application of this system is absolutely safe,” explains Xiaomi.

Google Blocks Xiaomi Application
Source: gizchina

Furthermore, Google Play Protect is an application that helps Android users to detect and protect the smartphone from dangerous applications. Automatically, this application will also provide notifications when malware or applications are detected. While Quick apps are the default application on Xiaomi that can’t be deleted.

Previously, a report from a user written in Medium found that Quick apps requested more than 55 permissions such as installing the application without notice, retrieving the user’s IMEI, and recording medias.

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Xiaomi also apparently collaborated with Druids as an advertising-based analytics party. Xiaomi allows it to push advertisements to users’ phones. These ads can be adjusted based on location, applications used, and sites opened to the people you contact. These ads can be shown on lock screens, News widgets, Browser ads, Suggested pop-ups, and so on.

Well, I am also annoyed by Xiaomi’s ads. Then, do you have any opinion about Google blocks Xiaomi application? Put the comment below, okay.

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