How is your day, mates? I hope everything works well. Now, I want to talk about one of the well-known smartphone makers in the world, Huawei. I heard that Huawei is ready to be a Motorola Razr competitor by releasing a similar smartphone. Wow, what is the complete news? Check it out below!

The arrival of the Motorola Razr did get a positive response from smartphone users. Based on that fact, Huawei is reportedly ready to become Motorola Razr’s competitor by immediately releasing a similar smartphone. Huawei is preparing to release a folding smartphone that is not much different from the Motorola Razr.

Motorola Razr Competitor
Source: hitekno

Modern look, wide screen, and thin body are said to be Huawei’s main weapons for its folding device that is similar to the Motorola Razr. This folding smartphone from the Huawei family will be equipped with a notch design at the top of the screen. More modern impression will be felt because Huawei plans to release a front camera in the screen.

For the rear camera, Huawei folding smartphone will adopt a smartphone camera technology series P. The rear camera will be designed vertically with LED flash. In addition, the Huawei brand-new smartphone camera will be equipped with additional features such as periscope to increase optical zoom.

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Even more interesting, Huawei plans to design this device with a special hinge that is still a secret, they won’t tell it, yet. Unfortunately, I still don’t have any clue when Huawei will introduce a folding smartphone that will become Motorola Razr’s competitor. 

In other words, Motorola Razr is very attractive as well. It has modern appearance that made it different from other folding smartphones. The device adopted an old design that was so famous in its era. For you who are missing the old design seems to be a plus why this device is so eagerly awaited.

Well, Huawei is really becoming Motorola Razr competitor. Let me know your opinion about this news, mates!

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