Since Facebook had a controversial issue on user’s privacy, I became more careful about for what apps I have to install. Especially third party apps from any Store, because most of them are malware-ridden and dangerous apps. By the way, there is one app that you must uninstall immediately. Let me explain it for you below.

The keyboard app named ai.type Keyboard was downloaded by millions of people. Unfortunately, the app also led millions of transactions that were unasked for by the people who installed the app. What the heck?!

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The information has been disclosed by Secure-D, a mobile security platform by leading technology company Upstream. In addition, this application also runs ads in the background and generates fake clicks to help the malware creators benefit. Upstream said the application has caused problems in 13 countries, among which the most vulnerable are Egypt and Brazil.

They also managed to prevent 14 million suspicious transactions related to the application ai.type. This request was made from 110 thousand devices that have already installed ai.type. If not immediately prevented, then Android users according to Upstream will experience material losses of more than USD 18 million or equivalent to Rp 252 billion in illegal transactions, because this application sends verification texts that confirm transactions to premium content without the knowledge of the smartphone owner.

Source: mashable

It is known, this application was developed by a company from Israel named ai.type LTD. They mention this application is a free emoji keyboard. Although the app had been removed by Google from Play Store in June 2019, there are still millions of android devices that have installed it. If you have this app, you have to uninstall it immediately.

“ai.type contains SDK with a link that has been coded to an ad and subscribes users to premium services without their consent. The SDK navigates to the ad through a series of redirects and automatically clicks to trigger the subscription,” said Head of Secure-D Upstream, Dimitris Maniatis.

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“This application is carried out in the background so users will not realize it is happening. Additionally, the SDK obscures relevant links and downloads additional code from external sources to complicate detection even from sophisticated analytical techniques.” he added.

Upstream explained that virtual keyboard applications usually require high-level permissions. Thus ai.type asked permissions to access text messages, photos, videos, contact data, and storage on the device. Secure-D considers it a sign of danger because it allows applications to read user contact data, read or write to the phone’s external storage, get access to the list of accounts that are on the device, and allow applications to record audio.

Dang! If you have this app on your phone, uninstall it!

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