Hello mates! Do you have a punch-hole screen smartphone? If you don’t have it yet, maybe next year you can buy it because punch-hole screens become affordable in 2020. Well, without any further chit-chat, let’s talk about it below.

Punch-hole screen smartphones are often found in middle class to flagship smartphones. Many smartphone brands will launch smartphones with punch-hole screens in the entry-level segment. That means the design will be used among low-end class smartphones.

Punch-Hole Screens
source: pocket-lint

As you well know, there are plenty of smartphone industries manufactured variety of bangs designs. That was done in order to reduce the bezel and allow users to enjoy super-relief screens. I have seen OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) use conventional bangs designs, selfie pop-up cameras, water drop bangs to punch holes.

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Samsung can be considered a pioneer because of its popularized punch-hole design on its Galaxy S10 variant. They are still the only OEMs phone maker to use these designs on OLED screens because they produce punch-hole AMOLED panels. But the record might change after the Vivo S5 is said to be coming with a punch-hole AMOLED screen.

Punch-Hole Screens
source: hitekno

A source in China stated that smartphone manufacturers would massively produce punch-hole screens by 2020. There are some entry-level smartphones that use more punch-hole screens in the next year.

Existing holes on the smartphone are exactly like water drop bangs but with a smaller size. Judging from the aesthetics of the shape, the punch-hole design is indeed less presentable and still far from when compared to the punch-hole on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series.

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That is understandable because the punch-holes embedded will target the entry-level class. A source called Digital Chat Station explains that punch-hole screen smartphones are increasingly easy to find in 2020 and the price is around 1,000 Yuans or around 2 million Rupiahs.

Wow, you can get the punch-hole screen smartphones with only 2 million Rupiahs! Well, I already have Galaxy S10 which has punch-hole design. But I won’t hesitate to buy another one!

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