Call of Duty Mobile or COD Mobile is pretty popular now and currently become one of the major competitors for the most popular battle royale game on Mobile PUBG.
We have tried to play COD Mobile using GameLoop since we love playing shooter games on the desktop better than the smartphone.
COD Mobile brings a new mode outside battle royale where there will be 5-5 player versus player with different objectives for each mode and we simply can choose the maps we want to play. In this section, We will introduce you to 5 COD Mobile maps that you should know. Well, without any further blabbering, let’s just jump into it!

1. Takeoff Map

Takeoff is such a big map in COD Mobile with a lot of areas that you can play. There are some places that can help you to run away from the war zone. There are no specific hot zone in this map since the map is too big. I recommend you to use Assault Rifle ASM10 and M4 because the war is happening in middle and long-distance. 

2. Firing Range Map

Firing Range has an average size map and you can find some tactical angles which is very helpful for close-range shooting combat. There is no specific hot zone as well for this map. I recommend you to use light weapons such as MSMC PDW-57 and AKS-74U. 

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3. Standoff Map

Standoff is one of the big maps in the game COD Mobile (CODM) with several places for long-range battles and many roads that can protect yourself or escape from shootouts. Many hot and very intense zones take place near the A, B, and C dominations. Most of the war on this map is very tactical, which requires good static weapons to win the battle. Here are some good weapons to use: DL Q33, AKS-74U or LK24 M4.

4. Raid Map

Raid is a large map of CODM games with some areas and blind corners, where users can hide silently. This map requires high vigilance to avoid unexpected killings. A small square park in the middle of the map is a location where all the fierce battles take place, so if you are not ready, you should avoid this location. I suggest you choose your best weapon to play, but if that doesn’t work, you can choose AK117, ASM10 or M16.

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5. Crossfire Map

Crossfire is a battle map for a sniper. The wide road in the middle is mostly used for shooting from each team. There are several other angles that provide hotspots that is gainful for snipers. A wide-open road is a place where all the intense action of snipers will occur almost all the time in this Crossfire map, so you MUST be steady and quickly seek protection. Every sniper rifle is perfect for this map.

COD Mobile Maps
Source: androidauthority

Well, that’s all for COD Mobile maps that you should know. Besides maps that I mentioned above, there are some other maps such as Killhouse, Crash, Hijacked, and Nuketown. So, what is your favorite map, mates? Mine is Crossfire.

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