Hi mates! Do you ever have an account of Google+ (Google Plus)? Well, if you do, then you know that it has been dead for about 6 months ago. Google+ is one of many apps killed by Google such as Google Reader, YouTube Gaming, and much more. Afterward, Google gives respect by building Graveyard for its victims. Without further ado, just check it out below.

It all comes from Dana Fried from Google. She posted a photo of a graveyard with headstones for Google+ and many other dead Google services, which is apparently set up in the main lobby of the company’s Seattle campus in honor of the spooky season. She wrote on Twitter, “Not sure whether spooky or just sad?”

Diana’s picture reflected gravestones of Google+, Google Buzz, Google Wave, Picasa, and Orkut. There are some famous Google services that are not mentioned like Google Reader, YouTube gaming, Google URL Shortener (known as goo.gl), and many more. You can see the full list of Google’s victims here.

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Oh, talk about Google’s victims, I remember important future-victim. Do you know Google Hangouts? The app was released in around 2013 and pretty famous by now. Google Hangouts is a communication platform included messages, video chat, and VOIP features. I usually use it as an alternative to Skype. And now, Google is planning to execute it in late 2020.

google gives respect
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Don’t be confused, there are two separate products which have similar names: Google Hangouts and Hangouts Chat. Although the name is similar, those two products have nothing in common.

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Google Hangouts has almost complete features, besides Google Hangouts Chat is a paid app which just released around 10 months ago. It only has chatting features, not more. And Google is planning to execute the old-timer, Google Hangouts. Now, Google gives respect to Hangouts and saying, “Sorry, I have to kill you!”

For God’s sake, why did you kill a lot of your services, Google?

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