The development of technology is amazing nowadays. Smartphones also have higher specifications than before. Therefore there are some mobile games with fabulous graphics for you to play. Here are 5 Android games with the most amazing graphics you can play, here is the list for your reference:

1. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a racing game with the most realistic graphics of all android racing games. This game will bring you to race speed using luxurious cars in the famous circuit in the world. Not just that, you also can modify your car to suit your taste. 

2. LifeAfter

The game from NetEase is a survival FPS game inviting you to survive from ferocious zombies. LifeAfter has very delight graphics as well. You can play it using 2GB of RAM. Yet in order to play it with delightful graphics experience, the minimum RAM is 3GB. 

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3. PUBG Mobile

The next amazing graphic game is also a survival FPS called PUBG Mobile. Not to be outdone by the PC version, this game also presents realistic graphics. You will be invited to fight against dozens of other players to survive and become the one who lived. This kind of game is very well-known nowadays. And PUBG’s original version for PC is the most famous one!

4. Vainglory

Do you like MOBA games? Then, you have to try Vainglory. It is a MOBA game with the most amazing and realistic graphics for now. Vainglory has analog and tap-tap control and has a lot of heroes with different roles. Maybe Vainglory is similar to DOTA because you may need more than 30 minutes to finish 1 match!

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5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The last amazing graphic game is Modern Combat 5: Blackout. This game developed by Gameloft is an FPS game offering realistic and amazing graphics. Not just that, you can play it online and offline. It has 2 play-modes: single-player and multiplayer. 

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Source: gamespot

Well, those are the most amazing graphics games so far. Then, I am gonna play all of it by now. How about you, mates?

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