Hi mates! Good news for you who likes playing games on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Because you can use the PS4 controller to play games in it, great! And now, I will show you how to connect PS4 controller with Apple Devices. Without further ado, check it out below.

How To Connect PS4 Controller With Apple
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First of all, the DualShock 4 wireless controller can only pair with Apple devices with the following operating systems: iOS 13, iPad OS, macOS Catalina (launched in October), and tv OS 13. If your operating system is including one of them. Then, you can pair it right now using Bluetooth by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the light bar on the controller is off. If the light bar is on, press the PS button until it turns off. If a USB cable is connected to the controller, disconnect it.
  2. While pressing and holding the Share button, press and hold the PS button until the light bar flashes.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your device, and then select the controller from the list of Bluetooth devices. You will find it as “DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller”.
  4. When pairing is complete, the light bar turns a solid color.

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Yet there is a bit different from pairing on Apple TV. If you want to pair the PS4 controller with Apple TV, here are the steps:

  1. Open “Settings” on Apple TV home screen.
  2. Scroll down and click into “Remotes and Devices”.
  3. Scroll down and click into “Bluetooth”. 
  4. If your PS4 controller is in pairing mode, it will appear under the “Other Devices” section of this Bluetooth connection screen.
  5. Select the controller’s Bluetooth and you can use it right away.
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Pretty easy, isn’t it? Well, there are two ways to play games with the PS4 controller. First is stream compatible PS4 games directly from your Apple devices using PS4 Remote Play app. You can download it from the Apple Store and please note that you need a PSN ID to use the Remote Play app. The second is, you can play games with MFi controller support including title coming to the new Apple Arcade subscription service on your Apple devices.

Besides. there might be some PS4 controller features that are not supported such as touchpad, vibration function, motion sensor, and the headphone jack for audio pass through. Well, that is how to connect PS4 controller with Apple devices. Then, Let’s play games using PS4 controller on iPhone, it must be fun!

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