Mobile phone users often get into trouble when they want to back up their various and numerous data on their phones. If it is not managed immediately, the phone memory will be more full and can not load and save other data later.

Especially for Android users, there are already a number of options that can be used to clear up data that has accumulated on mobile phones, such as Google Photos and Google Drive. They are, for free, certainly available in limited quantities.


To add your options, the latest application from Google is now available, named Google One, which is the paid version of the Google Cloud storage service. Paying customers will be able to back up their data on their hones automatically with this application. This can be used especially for users who are running out of storage capacity on Google Drive.


“We follow Android backup standards (including text, contacts, and applications) and we even give you more. With automatic phone backup via Google One, you can also back up original quality photos, videos and multimedia messages (MMS), and You can also manage the backup directly from the Google One application, ” Google wrote in its official statement.

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How much is the subscription price? Reported by Detik, one of the paid storage options on Google One is a 100GB storage package for USD 1.99 per month, a 200GB storage package for USD 2.99 per month, and a 2TB storage package for USD 9.99 per month.

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