Along with the official release of Apple Watch 5, Apple also inaugurated Apple Watch Studio. What is Apple Watch Studio?

This studio is a method for customers to be able to mix and match their Watch casings and straps when they order Apple Watch Series 5 … as they wish! Yes, now customers can customize their favorite color combinations themselves.


This studio is now available both on the official Apple website and on the App Store. Reported by The Verge, this studio will also be present in the Apple retail store! Sounds interesting, right?

This is certainly a new breakthrough made by Apple. Because previously customers could only choose Watch from the color combination and set of straps and casing that Apple has set. Customers only have the option to purchase additional straps if they are not interested in the combination offered by Apple, which although it is indeed diverse.


Yes, Apple Watch Studio makes customers do not need to buy anything extra and minimize customer dissatisfaction with the interface settings that show previews of the results of combinations that customers do. Sophisticated!

After feeling matched with the results of the mix and match, the customer can tap the “I’m done” button then it will immediately be directed to an interface to confirm the size and type of Watch, whether you choose Watch with cellular connectivity or not.


What if an Apple fanboy doesn’t even bother at all with Apple’s design? Of course, Apple still sells Watch Series 5 with the casing and strap set that they have designed. Apple’s design is classy that has its own fan base.
Noted that Apple Watch Studio will only provide Apple Watch Series 5, so you can’t design for other Apple Watch series.

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